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With over 20 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, TemplateZone products help small businesses look more professional.  
High Impact Email TemplateZone High Impact eMail Professional - High Impact eMail 4.0 Professional gives you the power to change the way you communicate with your customers. Send customized and personalized email newsletters, promotions and messages that have lasting impact with just a few simple clicks. Your emails will stand out from the crowd. It's an easy and smart way to communicate with your clients, customers and colleagues. Template Zone's OfficeReady Professional 3.0 TemplateZone OfficeReady Pro - OfficeReady Professional was created to help small businesses get more done in less time, and look more professional in the process.  OfficeReady Professional makes it a breeze for you to insert pictures into spaces of all different shapes and sizes, setup custom color schemes to match the colors of your business, and create print-ready invoices and financial documents, with all the spreadsheet calculations already included.
Template Zone's Office Policy Manual 2006 Plus Or TemplateZone Office Policy Manual - The importance of a clear, concise employee handbook in a small business should not be underestimated. Well-defined employee policies can settle disputes before they start and protect both you and your employees from confusion and the potential of litigation. A complete employee handbook sets your company's standards, bring new hires up to speed more quickly, and increases overall efficiency and professionalism. Simply Ready Scrapbooking TemplateZone Digital Scrapbooking - We’ve made it surprisingly easy to create a scrapbook that you can share with family and friends. In only minutes, you’ll have a brand new digital scrapbook that you can print or email. Our SimplyReady Digital Scrapbooking software includes a photo editor that allows you to crop, stretch, rotate, and flip photos so they fit perfectly. With so many backgrounds and embellishments included, you'll have everything you need to create hundreds of original, eye-catching scrapbook pages with your digital photos.
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