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Matrix Games is a leader and an innovator in the PC war-game sector.  
Gary Grigsby's World At War - A World Divided

Matrix Games World At War - Matrix Games and 2by3 Games are excited to announce the release of the third patch for their World War II grand strategy game, Gary Grigsby’s World at War: A World Divided.

Starshatter - The Gathering Storm

Matrix Games StarShatter - Matrix Games and Destroyer Studios are pleased to announced the release of a new gameplay movie for our award winning sci-fi space combat simulation game Starshatter: The Gathering Storm.

Panzer Command - Operation Winterstorm

Matrix Games Panzer Command - Matrix Games and Koios Works are pleased to announce that Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm is now available in retail stores across North America. Koios Works is known for their work on the acclaimed Tin Soldiers series, which combined battles from ancient history with 3D strategy gaming.  Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm will bring the same quality gameplay to a 3D tactical scale set on the Eastern Front in World War II.

For Liberty!

Matrix Games For Liberty - Matrix Games and Hussar Games are please to announce that they have released an updated demo version of their American Revolutionary War turn-based strategy game, For Liberty!.

Harpoon 3 Advance Naval Warfare

Matrix Games Harpoon 3 - Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare is the result of decades of development and fan support, resulting in the most comprehensive, realistic, and accurate simulation of modern combined air and naval operations available to the gaming public. New features include, multiplayer support, third party databases, scenario editors, and over 120 pre-built scenarios!

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