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LinkScanner Pro, by exploit Prevention Labs, is part of an emerging category of safe searching, safe browsing security products.  

LinkScanner Pro - Keep your surfing safe

exploit Prevention Labs LinkScanner Pro - LinkScanner Lite inspects each search result as it is returned to your browser. One of four color-coded icons will appear next to each result. LinkScanner Lite provides the most accurate analysis of the safety of Web search listings.  With over 50 million active Web sites, many of which change and update their content from hour to hour, only a real-time solution can provide the analysis you need to detect and identify poisoned web pages and malicious sites when searching online.  Simply visiting a bad, hacked Web page can expose your machine. Vulnerabilities and exploits like WMF, VML, CreateText Range and setSlice have, and continue to, permit hackers to spread rootkits and open backdoors on computers around the world.

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