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Blue Infinity are the leading software developers of top-selling titles: Keywords Analyzer SEO Pro Keyword Research and Pay per Click analysis software, AdWords Dominator for AdWords Advertisers and AdSense Dominator high-paying keyword databases.  
AdWords Dominator 125*125 Blue Infinity AdWords Dominator - Adwords Dominator uses two types of data, and both of them are retrieved from Google. The First type of data is retrieved using the Google Adwords API, and contains data about Campaigns, AdGroups, Keywords and Ads. It actually downloads your structure and data like names of Campaigns/AdGroups, daily budget, Geo and Language targeting and so on. It does not include performance data for your account (for example number of clicks on certain ad for certain day). This is retrieved by using reports. This is another Google feature. Adwords Dominator schedules a report for download using Google Adwords API, and then downloads that report, and this way it retrieves all performance data for your account, so it can display charts and so on. The First type of data is stored into file called, and second type of data is stored in the firebird database, more precisely file named Reports.gdb. Keywords Analyzer Banner 125*125 Blue Infinity keywords analyzer - If you want to whip your competition with the most effective keyword analysis tool on the market today, then this is the most important message you’ve ever read. What you’ll possess after reading these words is the TOTAL solution to your keyword problems. Keywords Analyzer SEO Pro. Remember, as a business builder, your number one asset you must protect at all costs is your time. And there’s no bigger a waste of time than not having the proper tools to do the job. Trying to do what Keywords Analyzer does for you, all by yourself, is like trying to dig the Grand Canyon with a spoon—it’ll take you a lifetime, and you won’t complete the job! In addition to that, you must be savvy enough to measure how much your time is worth as a marketer.
Adsense Dominator 125*125 Blue Infinity Adsense Dominator - How would you feel if I told you that in just a few minutes you will at last be able to access a fully searchable database containing over a million keywords all with Google bid data...?  Because, as you read the rest of this article, you will quickly realize that this is the one AdSense marketing resource you simply can’t do without.  At last, you are going to have at your command a brand new approach that gives you hands-on complete control of over a million niche opportunities - at your fingertips with live fresh and current data - at all times. Competition Dominator 125*125 Blue Infinity Competition Dominator - How can you tell which keywords your competitors are using in AdWords and the other Pay Per Click Search Engines...?  If you know this information then - you can accurately target your competition’s campaigns by: Avoiding them entirely and occupying a new area that they are not - or Directly attack their campaigns and improve on their market positioning...
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