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NETGEAR, Inc. designs, develops and markets technologically advanced, branded networking products that address the specific needs of small and medium businesses and home users.  
Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router - Netgear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router with 4-Port Switch - The amount of homes with high-speed Internet access and multiple computers is growing steadily. Wouldn't it be nice to share that high-speed Internet connection with all of the computers in your home? Wouldn't it be great to also share files between your computers? And wouldn't it be amazing if you could do all of that wirelessly!? Well you can, with this 802.11g Wireless Router. Just add optional 802.11g, or 802.11b, adapters to each computer, connect your modem, run through the easy installation process, and you're ready to go. It even supports the slower 802.11b wireless protocol for increased compatibility. Netgear Wgt624 Super G108Mbps Wireless Router Netgear WGT624 Super G 108 Mbps Wireless Router - The NETGEAR WGT624 108 Mbps Wireless Firewall Router is 10 times faster than 802.11b routers.  When used with NETGEAR's WG511T 108 Mbps Wireless PC Card, it delivers speeds up to 108 Mbps, using Super GTM Technology.  It's the next generation of home networking, with the power to stream MP3 & video, share printers, chat and distribute large photo files.   Exceptional range keeps you connected at the farthest ends of home or office 4 RJ-45 Ethernet ports, 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing.
Netgear FS605 Fast Ethernet Switch Netgear FS605 5-Port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch - The Netgear FS605 is a powerful plug-and-play switch that connects at 10 or 100 Mbps and makes it easy to link as many as five computers or peripherals to your Ethernet network. You'll experience maximum performance for 10/100 Mbps devices with five ports that automatically sense the correct speed, and Netgear's Auto Uplink feature adjusts for different types of Ethernet cables. The FS605's sleek case has lights on the front for easy monitoring. Installation into your home network couldn't be simpler and, once connected and turned on, it begins cool and silent operation--without an internal fan. Netgear GS108 8-Port 10/100/1000 Copper Gigabit Ethernet Switch Netgear GS108 8-Port 10/100/1000 Copper Gigabit Ethernet Switch - NETGEAR GS108NA -- Now you can build a powerful, high speed network with a small scale investment of time and expertise. The GS108NA Ethernet Switch provides a full, dedicated 1000, 100 or 10 Mbps connection, so you can move extremely large files across your network virtually instantly. Fits neatly into small work spaces Runs cool and silent, with no fan required.
Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router - The WPN824 RangeMax MIMO-G Wireless Broadband Router gives wireless network users better connectivity.  As computers become a more integral part of life, you want the best possible home computing environment.  When you set up a wireless network you'll find that Internet connections will fade in and out in spots -- or even drops off completely.  The RangeMax Router puts an end to that, giving your the freedom to work and play online, anywhere in the house.  Time-based usage controls, Web logging, remote management and URL content filtering Auto-sensing RJ-45 10/100 4 port Ethernet switch with half & full duplex support. Netgear GS608 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (10/100/1000 Mbps) Netgear GS608 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (10/100/1000 Mbps) - The GS608 8 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch delivers a high-speed network on a small scale. This desktop switch moves huge files fast through 5 or 8 high-speed, auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connections. You'll get speeds of up to 2000 Mbps on each port. High-end multimedia, gaming, Internet access, and other speed-intensive applications move across your network instantly. Fanless design lets you focus on your game while the sleek case fits well on your desk or on its side. Noiseless operation(no fans) Compatible with PC or Mac.
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