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Founded in 1979, Saitek entered the gaming market in 1993 and since then has grown to become a major brand in gaming peripherals for the PC.  All our products are designed by gamers for gamers, to help them get the best out of their favorite PC games.  

Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard

Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard - The Eclipse II keyboard gives you a choice of purple, red and blue backlighting colors, which are adjustable via a dimmer mechanism.  Key characters and keypad illuminate making the Eclipse II ideal for use in any lighting environment.  Solidly constructed from high quality materials and stylish silver casing (included), the Eclipse II's weighted base and large area rubber feet keep it firmly planted to the desk while cushioned.  Silent keys mean hours of fatigue-free use.

Saitek Eclipse Keyboard

Saitek Eclipse Keyboard - Perhaps the best gaming keyboard on the market the Eclipse PC keyboard features patented TrueVu key illumination for use in any light, from day to dark Low-profile streamlined design Includes a backlight brightness adjustment button USB connector Works with - Windows 98/2000/XP/NT/ME.  Lighting is suited for dim-light to no-light applications Adjustable wrist rest.

Saitek PC Gamer's Keyboard

Saitek PC Gamer's Keyboard - The Saitek PC Gamer's Keyboard is a stylish keyboard the will compliment PC environment.  The backlighting enhances keyboard for play in low light environments.  Adjustable angle and wrist rest offers long-term gaming comfort.  With its ambidextrous game pad, gamers have extended programming functionality for all gaming genres.

Saitek USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo - Blue

Saitek USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo - Blue - Brighten up your desktop with the funky colored multimedia keyboard and mouse combo pack!  The ergonomic keyboard features additional controls for multimedia functions, a familiar 104 key layout and tactile, responsive keys.  The compact, 3-button mouse has a unique elliptical shape that fits any hand size and is ideal for both left- and right-handers.  Its 800dpi optical sensor works on virtually any surface and never requires and cleaning, and the rubberized non-slip scroll wheel makes browsing through web pages and spreadsheets alike a breeze.  Both devices connect to your computer via a USB 1.0 cable.

Saitek Eclipse Backlit Keyboard - Red LED

Saitek Eclipse Backlit Keyboard - Red LED - Saitek award-winning keyboard design just got better!  The Eclipse PC keyboard features patented TrueVu key illumination for use in any light, from day to total darkness.  True-Vu key illumination through the keys! The Eclipse 104-key keyboard features patented red LED key illumination and backlighting, Zero-Slope design and adjustable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort.  It is a Plug'n'Play design with USB connector.

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