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Choose a Microsoft keyboard for your home or business.  

Microsoft Ergo Keyboard

Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 - A 14 degree gable separates the two groups of keys, which is complemented by the curved key bed and 7-degree wrist rest for what looks to be a truly comfortable typing experience. Other notable features include a zoom slider, five programmable favorites keys for launching documents and applications, forward & backward keys located in the center of the keyboard, hotkeys, and the standard enhanced function keys.

Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard

Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard - Take command of your keyboard experience in comfort and style! One-touch buttons take you directly to favorite multimedia activities: navigate music and video clips, surf the Web, start many of the programs you use most, and more! With custom blue accents and a stylish ergonomic design, this keyboard adds dynamic features and vibrant looks to any desktop. Integrated palm rest Sleep & Log Off Hot Keys.

Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard - Work with your hands in a more natural position with this compact ergonomic keyboard.  Just plug it in and start typing—more comfortably.  Enjoy a drink while you work—this keyboard is designed to withstand an accidental spill.

Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard

Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard - The Digital Media Pro Keyboard features a new Zoom Slider that lets you zoom in and out of documents and pictures with ease. Customizable My Favorites keys, Media Center, and Hot Keys give you one-touch access to commonly accessed media, programs, and files.

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite - Microsoft's Natural Keyboard Elite features ergonomic contours that comfortably accommodate not only your fingers, but your whole hands. A built-in palm rest and adjustable keyboard legs help you work in comfort, and two connection options give you the ultimate flexibility: either a round PS/2 port or a rectangular USB port for plug-and-play convenience with the latest PCs.

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro

Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro - Add wireless freedom, stylish design, and advanced one-touch functionality to your desktop! The Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro provides customizable keys, optical mouse technology, and a comfortable, ergonomic design. Comfort and performance never looked so good!
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