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Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets.  

Sony MDRV150 Monitor Series Headphones

Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups - The MDR-V150 closed supra-aural headphones provide top-end comfort and sound quality. Sony's closed type headphones allow only a limited amount of ambient noise into the ear canal, giving your attention fully to the music. The padded earcups fit comfortably, hour after hour. For those who like to use the headphones for single-sided monitoring, these MDR-V150s come with reversible earcups. The supra-aural design is engineered for excellent listening comfort. The wide headband distributes the headphone's weight evenly. The two meter cord (6.6 feet) is made of oxygen-free copper wiring and is double-sided.

Rf Wireless Headphones

Sony Rf Wireless Headphones - Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. With a diverse product lineup serving a variety of lifestyles and industries, Sony continuously strives to introduce new products and technologies to meet changing market needs.

Sony DR-EX150UP Mobile & PC Headset

Sony DR-EX150UP Mobile & PC Headset - The Sony DR-EX150UP headset was designed for both PC and mobile use. This is a great headset for Internet communications (including Internet telephony and Internet chat) voice recognition programs, and mobile use. Included in this package are two gold-plated plugs. Use the 3.5mm plug for connection to your PC; use the 2.5mm plug for your mobile device. With the three meter long cord, it should be easy to stay connected, even while sitting away from the jack connection.


Sony Headphones - Behind Neck - The new MDR-G74SL Street Style Headphones are Sony's cutting-edge approach to headphone fashion. The Behind-the-Neck design stays free of hairstyles and hats, and the Folding Headband allows for easy storage and portability.  With a Non-Slip design, perfect for active sports, a Small, Lightweight structure and a 1.0m tangle-free Extension Cord, the MDR-G74SL Street Style Headphones are the perfect combination of style and versatility.

Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Akono Headset (black/silver)

Sony Ericsson HBH-608 Akono Headset (black/silver) - Wireless, ultra-light and comfortable, the Akono Headset HBH-608 is a great Bluetooth headset for people on the move.  The unique ergonomic ear hook is so flexible that it fits most ears, and it's sturdy enough to make the headset stay on your ear even when youre in a rush. You can leave your phone in a pocket or bag, and handle all your calls through the easy-to-use buttons on the headset. Or you can use the included lanyard to wear your headset round your neck. With its very slim styling and long battery life, the HBH-608 supports your active life without compromising quality and style.

Sony DR-G250DP Street Style Stereo Headset

Sony DR-G250DP Street Style Stereo Headset - Sony's DR-G250DP Street Style Design Stereo Headset for PCs reaps of Sony's cutting-edge approach to headphone fashion and is a perfect fit for most PCs. Listen to MP3 music, or use this headset for Internet games, Internet telephony, and Voice Recognition. Featuring a Compact folding design for easy storage or transport, a Winding pipe microphone for noise reduction, a 3.5 mm gold plated plug for a secure connection, a Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuit, and a 30 mm driver unit for high quality sound, these headphones are perfect for your PC.
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