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Iomega provides a number of backup data solutions including Zip Drives, External Hard Drives, CD-RW / DVD Drives, computer data storage, and Network Storage devices. Iomega Data Storage Solutions - Save Everything.  

Iomega 33215 250gb External Hard Drive

Iomega 33215 250 GB External Hard Drive - This Iomega desktop hard drive is the affordable way to save precious files and memories. Save up to 1,000,000 photos, 4,625 hours of music, or 375 hours of video. Not only is this drive economical but it's easy to use and preformatted for simple set up. Just plug and play. Complete disaster recovery software is also included so you can safely back up all of your data.

Iomega 13047 Jaz 2GB Portable Ultra Drive (PC/Mac)

Iomega 13047 Jaz 2GB Portable Ultra Drive (PC/Mac) - Enormous storage with a compact footprint. The fast, portable, ultra-reliable 2GB External Jaz(r) Drive gives you up to 2GB of storage space per disk, yet it's still compatible with 1GB Jaz disks.

Iomega 10919 Zip 100 Drive (Parallel Port)

Iomega 10919 Zip 100 Drive (Parallel Port) - Is your hard disk running out of room? Do you need to protect your valuable data? Consider Iomega's Parallel Port Zip 100 drive, an inexpensive and portable external disk drive.  Iomega says it has sold over 100 million of its 100 MB Zip disks, the floppy companions to the Zip 100 drive, and we believe them based on how easy it was for us to set up and use the Zip 100. We just plugged it in, connected a cable to our PC's parallel port, dropped in the CD-ROM, and followed the setup wizard.

Iomega Zip 250 MB USB External Drive (PC/Mac)

Iomega Zip 250 MB USB External Drive (PC/Mac) - The Zip 250 USB drive offers an ultrathin, mobile design that meets the high-capacity storage needs for both PC and Mac users. At an inch thick and weighing just under a pound, the Zip 250 USB drive can accompany the most demanding mobile computer user. Connect the drive conveniently with the industry-standard USB port. Mobile users can connect with a host-powered PCMCIA interface.

Iomega 13057 Jaz 1GB SCSI

Iomega 13057 Jaz 1GB SCSI - The Jaz 1 GB drive sets the standard for professional, high-end, removable storage. With the speed of a hard drive and a capacity of 1 GB per disk, the 1 GB Jaz drive lets you back up all your files and applications quickly and securely. Store video clips or hours and hours of CD quality audio. Forget having to sort through piles and piles of smaller-capacity disks. The IomegaWare software suite provides the software drivers and applications that help you get the most out of your Iomega drive.

100MB USB External Zip Disk Drive

Iomega 100MB USB External Zip Disk Drive - Durable storage solution backs up data on 100MB or 250MB Zip disks
Manufacturers one-year limited warranty
100MB USB External Drive.
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