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LaCie mixes design and technology. Some like the look of their products, while others choose LaCie for performance.  LaCie works hard to make your life and work easier, better and faster.  

LaCie Slim Combo 24x CDRW/ 8x DVD-ROM USB 2.0 Designed by FA Porsche

LaCie Slim Combo 24x CDRW/ 8x DVD-ROM USB 2.0 Designed by FA Porsche - Weighing about a pound, this lightweight CD-RW drive can be carried anywhere to record CD tracks, back up personal information and store photos, as well as read standard DVD-ROM and DVD-Video discs. The LaCie Slim Combo CD-RW Drive allows you to make your own CDs wherever you happen to be. The perfect drive for sharing files, LaCie Slim Combo CD-RW Drive can be easily connected and reconnected to any PC. With a slender profile and portable body, it's small enough to fit in a backpack or computer bag. Featuring 24x write speed, the LaCie Slim Combo CD-RW Drive lets you record a full disc in a little more than three minutes, and is also capable of reading standard DVD-ROM and DVD-Video discs. Hi-Speed USB connection lets you burn your custom CDs even faster. With the included PC recording software, create personalized CDs with audio, data, photos or video.


LaCie DVD DUPLI 121 8X W/16X DVD ROM - Equipped with a user-friendly, two-row LCD display, this fast, autonomous CD and DVD duplicator features an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to begin duplicating valuable data on durable CD or DVD media with the touch of a button.  The Dupli Disc DVD121 allows users to duplicate valuable digital, audio and data on CD and DVD discs, including home videos and personal DVD creations. Marketing agencies can distribute catalogs and company profiles. Compatible with most CD and DVD formats, the LaCie Dupli Disc DVD121 is the perfect duplicator for professionals, and home users seeking affordable DVD and CD duplication.

LaCie DVD+/-RW Double Layer Drive

LaCie DVD+/-RW Double Layer Drive Design by F. A. Porsche - Disk drive - DVD RW (+R DL) - Hi-Speed USB - external - With new double layer DVD recording technology, the LaCie DVD?RW Drive can be used to store nearly twice as much data as before. With up to 8.5GB of space on a single-sided, double layer DVD disc, save up to 16 hours of VHS video, 4 hours of personal, high-quality DVD video or up to 8.5GB of important information. Large-capacity, double layer DVD media is also ideal for backing up computer systems or saving thousands of MP3s. Conveniently compatible with DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW media, the LaCie DVD?RW Drive lets you choose the DVD format you'd like to use for your personal projects. With the ability to store digital data on DVD or CD media, this all-in-one rewritable drive accommodates a variety of multimedia jobs. This rewritable drive can also be connected to any PC or Macintosh computer, making it the most versatile drive around.

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