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Motorola is known around the world for innovation and leadership in wireless and broadband communications.  

Motorola BLT01 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case

Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case - Protect your Bluetooth headphones with the Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case.  Your cell phone is probably an essential part of your lifestyle today, and your most important cell phone accessory is probably your Bluetooth headset, which gives you hands-free use of your phone without the need to worry about wires getting tangled.  The BLT-04 carrying case gives you the perfect pouch to store your headset when you turn your phone off. Constructed of lightweight hydrofoam and designed with a contoured interior that lets case hold your headset in place, the BLT-04 keeps your headset out of the way and out of mind until you want to use it.  A velcro security strap keeps your headset from falling out, and a clip on the back of the pouch makes it easy to attach your headset to your belt, backpack, or purse.
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